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Comment to my arrangement in the semestre: Introduction to the oil painting

Within the scope of the seminar, oil painting " the task was put to make a picture on the subject, a better world ". The picture should pick out as a central theme as we fancy a better world or what we would wish for a better world. The starting point of my pictures is the Reflektion of my respect with nature and society, my feelings, my opposition and also protest against social injustice and suppression. Thus, e.g., the nude painting for me is one of the most honest approaches to the picture of people - uncovered and freely. Beside the practical mediation of oil spot technology (on canvas) I wish that this course will be marked by the living engagement of the participants Inside that your Reflektionen press after representation. I can help in it with the improvement of the technical possibilities.

Rashid Seif Ghazi


"our life - my style " - يادداشتهاي شخصی در نفا شي


The impetus of my pictures reflects my relationship with nature and society, my feelings, my resistance, and also protest against social injustice and suppression. The nude painting, for example, for me is one of the most honest approaches to the illustration of humans - uncovered and free like a newborn child from the external influences such as fanaticism, racism and prejudice. Humans stand centrally in front of the surreal background, while asking in unity with nature for tolerance and the ability of co-habitation. By choosing this motif, I reject that which fails to be accurately representative and surrender myself to the problems of society through realism. I give color special symbolic meaning, since they clarify nonverbal feelings: Rust stands for withering body from birth onward; the color red symbolizes the power within everyone. The unprotected life receives the blue colour which often mixes itself with the despair and hopelessness of the color yellow. I aspire, like other artists (e.g. petrol DIX, Salvador Dali or walter Benjamin and Picasso, etc.),  to give my pictures a "voice". They should form a bridge between artists and viewers, and be able to speak for themselves. Listed below, you can see that I was involved in several exhibitions between 1978 and 2003, dealing with different topics in the genres of painting, photography and sculpture.

Author:  von Rashid seif Ghazi 


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