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The whole world of the advertisement draught 

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Graphics Desiger Rashid Seif Ghazi from Oldenburg

نمونه از کارهاي گرافيک من


From here my former works are in 2001 





 painting  an  Oldenburg  / Germany  2000.

نمونه از کارهاي گرافيک رشيد سيف قاضی

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 Copyright © 2000 by Rashid Seif Ghazi.de


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Listed below, you can see that I was involved in several exhibitions between 1989 and 2002, dealing with different topics related to Web- Design . For many years now, Iíve been taking pictures with increasing enthusiasm and would gladly like to turn my hobby into an occupation. I have had further experiences working with Professor Fritz Haase and Professor Fritz Dressler and guest Web- Design and photography Hans Hansen of the University for the Arts in Bremen during my studies have been able to utilize this positively for my further development. I acquired, among other things, training in studio photography and Web- Design along with the technical knowledge of cameras. With Professor Fritz Haase I worked with different topics such as food and drink, Neulšnder StraŖe in Bremen, stairwells, places of work, action shots and knick-knacks.

With Professor Fritz Dressler, I made a film over the topic of movement. With Mr. Hans Hansen, I made an exhibition in Bremen over the topic of time in form using slides. From October 1994 to January 1995, I was a freelance Web- Design and photographer with the newspaper "Der Oldenburger". For my diploma I have prepared four books with photographs over the topics: lives of foreigner, life on the fringes of society - the homeless, knick-knacks and Baddan.

Between 1989 and 1994, I studied graphic design at the University for the Arts in Bremen, Germany, from 1994 -1999 I studied Oldenburg at the university/ Germany and wrote my work over the center the Renaissance in Italy. In SS/ 2002 the CvO - university of Oldenburg Germany  I  w as  working in the Positon of a  professor in ART and Media Desigen.

I am happy there for the men: Prof.Fritz Dressler and Prof. Fritz Haase, Prof. Bernd Bexte, Prof.Hans Hansen, Prof.Wolfgang Schmitz, Prof.Eckhard Jung, Prof. Wolfram Schmid at the College of the Arts Bremen, Germany to have learned.

Prof. Fritz Haase Prof. Fritz Dressler  Prof. Bernd Bexte  Prof.Eckhard Jung Prof. Hans Hansen Prof.wolfgang Schmitz


Zusatzqualifikationen:. I kan  Web- Design  ( Frontpage ) and Graphikprogramme  Quark- Xpress, Freehand, Corel DRAW and Photoshop ,Desweiteren i work  professionell photographer, arts (painting), Scuiptures, Karton, Illustration, Typografie

من  استاد نفا شي در دانشگاه المان هستم در شهر اولد نبوگ

Verfasser: Rashid Seif Ghazi

عكس دانشجوي من و دانشجوهاي دانشگاه  شهر برمن  در-المان  سا ل  

right.: jerie and jahnan and Marina and  Me , Rashid Seif Ghazi - studied at the University for the in Bremen, Germany  


Left.: Sabine Meurer and Me  and Sibel studied at the University for the in Bremen, Germany  

عكس دانشجوي من و دانشجوهاي  دانشگاه هنر در شهر برمن -المان  سا ل  

  دانلو نکنید   - استفاده از کليه مطالب و عکس های اين سايت ممنوع می باشد

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