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" I have nothing to say to point Only,

  ( عكاسی از رشيد سيف قاضی ) (1993 گالري عكس انسانهای بي خا نه مان در المان  

( Live on the edge of the society - the homeless ) in 1993 Bremen /  Germany. 

Photographer Rashid Seif Ghazi   

Text & Press


You know what love is? A word, a thought an endless kiss? However, love means to take my heart.

My work:. Photo exhibition

" I have nothing to say to point Only"

My work:. (Life on the margins of society - the homeless) 1993 Bremen / Germany
The homeless are in need. Please understand the homeless and help.
I have tried open approach other people and I try to accept people as they are and Respect.
I can those who think they are better than the other people do not understand. What is a company that deals so blankly with other people. It appears to be so that other people can be about the nature of certain other unbegnadet negative judgment fall. All human beings are gleich.Weisst you what is love? A word, a thought, Much more love means "take his heart and Help the people in need.

میخواهم چشمهايم را ببندم و واقيعت زنگی را

نبينم ولی نمی شود

دوست دارام به شما نشان بدهم 

شايت سکوت نشان دادان راه حل باشد

انسانهای بي خا نه

Studio photograph and technical knowledge

With Professor Fritz Dressler, I made a film over the topic of movement. With Mr. Hans Hansen, I made an exhibition in Bremen over the topic of time in form using slides. From October 1994 to January 1995, I was a freelance photographer with the newspaper "Der Oldenburger". For my diploma I have prepared four books with photographs over the topics: lives of foreigner, life on the fringes of society - the homeless, knick-knacks and Baddan.

If you have liked my web page, recommending you them, nevertheless, simply further. Thanks Rashid

( lives of foreigner, life on the fringes of society - the homeless )

Topic: " Different People " 1993 Bremen Germany. 

Photographer . Rashid Seif Ghazi 

Newspaper & Press

Diabolo ZEITUNG.12.12.2001

Bremen Zeitung  (26.5.1993 )  



Exhibition. Photo exhibition Voice of America TV in Maryland - university - Washington the USA on the subject "Women's day" 7 of 388 taking part have the aim ereicht, my photo was including. 03/09/2009- 04,14,2009

برندگان مسابقه نمايشگاه عکس زن ايرانی در جامعه
آقای رشید سیف قاضی یکی از
٧ نفری است که از میان ۳۸۸شرکت کننده در مسابقه ی نمایشگاه عکس زن ایرانی  توسط کانال تلویزیونی صدای آمریکا در محل دانشگاه میرلاد در واشینگتون برنده ی جایزه ی این نمایشگاه شده اند